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What to Expect: Finding Your Perfect Wood Stove

Our “What to Expect” series explores some of the factors to consider when you’re purchasing a new wood or gas appliance. Previously: gas fireplaces So you’ve decided that a wood stove is right for you! Congratulations on your choice of such an environmentally-friendly heat source; Wooden Sun carries a variety of high-efficiency, low-emission stoves that…

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Fireplace Drafting Problems

Every fireplace season, we get calls from homeowners reporting that they can’t get their wood fireplace burning right, or that smoke spills back out into their house when the fire is going. So let’s take a look at what goes into your fireplace system, and what might be interfering with it: Draft is the force…

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Zone Heat Your Home to Save Fuel and $!

Running your central heating all winter can get expensive, as well as putting a great deal of pressure on your heat pump. Why waste money heating unoccupied space? Zone heating is the practice of using a heating appliance to heat only a few rooms at a time while keeping the rest of your house fairly…

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