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When sitting outside in the summer, especially here in central Virginia, the shade is the place to be. If you are suffering in the sun due to a malfunction in your awning, chances are Wooden Sun can help. We are able to diagnose issues with your awning on sight and if parts replacement is not needed we can repair it same day. Maybe you just need a new look. We are here to help. From replacing motors for electrically operated awnings to replacing fabric so that you old awning has a new face, Wooden Sun has the staff and expertise to get you back in the shade and enjoying your outdoor living space once again.

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Awning Service

  • Does my awning require ongoing maintenance?

    While an awning isn’t as complicated as, say, a gas stove, it’s important to look it over periodically, and to practice basic maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible. See our blog post on awning maintenance for more information on how to keep your awning frame and fabric ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

  • My awning’s in good shape, but the motor/remote has stopped working. Can you replace it?

    In many cases, yes. Most awnings use one of a few different motor brands, so we can often track down exactly what you need. However, as with all our appliances, some manufacturers will not provide tech support or their proprietary parts to dealers who do not sell their products. While we will work on brands we don’t sell, we cannot guarantee that we can completely solve your problem.

  • My awning works fine, but the fabric’s faded/torn/not what I want anymore. Can you replace the fabric?”

    Again, the answer is often, but not always, yes. Our manufacturers sell their awning fabric by the yard, and can ship the re-cover material cut, sewn, and ready to be installed on your awning frame. However, if it’s not one of the brands we carry, we’ll have to get photos and measurements so that we can see if our manufacturers are able to work to those specifications.