Why Choose Us

Our small, family-owned business can provide you with anything and everything you need for your fireplace, grill, or outdoor room.

No matter the size of the job, we have the knowledge and experience you need. Whether you’re looking for a full fireplace installation, firestarters, a toolset for the hearth, natural lump charcoal for the grill, or a beautiful new artisan outdoor room, we can provide it.

We are Class A contractors, and through years of on-the-job experience and classroom training, we have gained the knowledge and expertise not to just sell or service heating or cooking appliances, but to understand how they fit into your home’s various systems. We excel at helping our customers meet their goals—whether it is heating their entire house with wood, zone heating certain rooms, or creating an outdoor kitchen the neighbors will envy.

We have experienced, certified electricians, plumbers, and masons available to ensure the smoothest, safest, and most beautiful installations. And, because we expect it from professionals who visit our own homes, we leave your property as clean, if not cleaner, as when we arrived! We do it properly, the first time, and our installations come with a lifetime warranty.

We don’t stop at technical mastery. Our masons and carpenters are artists, creating unique and beautiful walls, walkways, patios, chimneys, and outdoor fireplaces. View examples of our work below and imagine how your hearth or outdoor room could look.

And our job is not done when the installation is done. We hope to be your partner for years down the road, keeping your wood stove or grill in tip top shape with advice, service and repairs. You will see in our testimonials below that our customers appreciate this level of service!

You truly can ‘Bask in the Warmth’ with a Wooden Sun fireplace.

Wooden Sun Lifetime Warranty

Every Wooden Sun installer goes through a rigorous testing process and is certified by the National Fireplace Institute. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

We are so confident that our NFI-Certified hearth specialists will install your stove or fireplace to the highest standards of safety and quality, that we guarantee our installations for life!

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