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The best way to schedule service is with our on-line service form. If you have some questions not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions pages, and would like a call back, indicate so in the form and someone will call you back as soon as possible, usually within one business day

Whether you require standard annual maintenance, or a service call to address a specific problem you’re having with your fireplace, one of Wooden Sun’s NFI-certified gas technicians will be available to inspect your unit, and offer you suggestions on how to maintain the warmth of your fireplace or gas logs for years to come.

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What Should I Know About Gas Service?

  • Are your service technicians certified?

    Absolutely! All of our gas service technicians are National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified—a voluntary system established by the National Fireplace Institute. Our sweeps undergo training by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), also a voluntary system. NFI and CSIA set the highest standards of safety for the hearth industry. Learn more about the NFI and CSIA certification processes. We also regularly send our service techs to manufacturer’s training seminars, as well as seminars put on by professional organizations. Keeping our service techs up to date with the latest information provides better value for our customers and ensures that the safest best practices are being utilized. Education for excellence is a company value of Wooden Sun!

  • Do you recommend routine maintenance on gas logs, insert or fireplace?

    Yes we recommend annual maintenance on all gas appliances to ensure they are burning safely and efficiently. Routine maintenance includes (as needed): cleaning the logs, the burner, and the glass, ensuring the logs are placed properly (owner’s manual must be available), lighting the pilot, testing the unit, cleaning and adjusting the main burner and pilot, and replacing any batteries if there is a remote control and/or receiver. Note: routine maintenance work is NOT a service call, which is specifically to address problems or malfunctions with your appliance.

  • How much do you charge for routine maintenance?

    Please see our pricing page for our rates for this service.

  • I have a gas fireplace, insert, or log set that isn’t working. Will you fix it?

    We’re happy to make a service call for any gas log set, insert, or fireplace and do our best to give you a diagnosis. However, depending on the brand (see question “How do I determine what brand of fireplace or log set I have?” further down this page) and the age of the appliance, we may or may not be able to get parts or technical support, but we will do everything we can to make a diagnosis and fix the problem. Please be aware that there are many, many brands of gas appliances and we only warrant our work for the brands we sell. Please see our pricing page for our service fees.

  • Why we don’t install vent-free units

    We will work on vent free units, but we want you to be aware that they can cause health problems, both for you and your home. For more information on vent free gas appliances, and why many in the industry think they are a bad idea, click here. There are good, efficient, attractive alternatives to vent free logs. Even if you do not have a chimney, it is almost always possible to install a direct vent gas stove or fireplace. If you do have a chimney, a direct vent gas insert is a good, reasonably priced alternative. Direct vent appliances are the best choice for a healthy, safe, efficient and clean burning decorative gas appliance.

  • What is your lead time on gas service?

    April through August, our lead time is generally the same week. During the busy cool season, September through March, lead times can be as much as two weeks. We recommend having your gas appliance serviced in the spring or summer, so it will always be ready to use when it gets cold. To encourage you go to do so, we discount our regular gas maintenance fee from April through August.

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    Yes, if the gas appliance is one of the brands we sell. We honor our manufacturers’ parts and labor warranties, and we warrant the installation of these parts and products from defects of workmanship for life (as long as you own the product). Unfortunately, we cannot warrant the parts or labor for brands we do not sell.

  • My existing fireplace or log set needs parts. Can you get them for me?

    If your existing fireplace or log set is one of the brands we sell, then we should be able to get parts, depending on its age. If it is a brand we do not carry, but is a standard part like a thermopile, we still may be able to get the part. If it is a part specific to your brand of fireplace, and it’s not a brand we carry, then we can install the parts but we may not be able to order them for you.

  • How do I determine what brand of fireplace or log set I have?

    Gas log sets should have two aluminum tags attached by a small chain or wire cable to the log grate in the firebox, or behind the lower louvers where the valve and controls are housed. The tags, which are approximately five inches by six inches, give the manufacturer and model, as well as other useful information. They may be buried under the sand or vermiculite in the firebox, or even pushed under the burner pan.

    Fireplaces will often have a metal tag riveted to the top right or left side of the firebox with the manufacturer’s information. It may be obscured by soot but should be legible once the soot is wiped away. It may also be hidden behind the interior firebrick panels. If the fireplace has louvers, the plate is frequently behind the bottom louvers.

    If you cannot find the manufacturer’s information on your fireplace, fill out our Online Service Form, and we can schedule an appointment to come out and take a look.

  • My old fireplace logs are ugly, but the burner is fine. Can I get a new log set but keep the old burner?

    That will depend on what kind of logs you have. Vent-free logs cannot be replaced except with the identical logs from the manufacturer — they come from the manufacturer with a specific log set and must be used with that set only. If the existing set is damaged, it may be possible to order a replacement set, but Wooden Sun will not install them for you. Why we don’t work on vent free units.

    Vented gas logs may be able to be replaced, depending on the brand and type. If you know the brand and model, give us a call or send us an email, and we should be able to tell you if we can get another type of logs for your set. (see question “How do I determine what brand of fireplace or log set I have?” further up this page)

Please note, that although there are some common problems and parts among gas appliances, there’s also a great deal of diversity among the many, many different brands and systems out there, as well as a great number of proprietary parts. It would be impossible for our technicians to train on every brand and understand how each and every one is put together. Additionally, many manufacturers will not provide tech support or their proprietary parts to dealers who do not sell their products. While we will work on brands we don’t sell, we cannot guarantee that we can completely solve your problem.

We will, of course, do our best to service your gas appliance, but sometimes repeated trips are necessary, and our first attempt may not be successful. We appreciate your understanding.