Log Style Mantels

Most fireplace shelf mantels are made from thin pieces of wood assembled to look like one solid piece. Each Log Style Mantel, however, is cut from one piece of wood, sawed and finished to emphasize the natural characteristics of the material. This preserves the unique character of each piece of lumber, creating a truly one-of-a-kind mantel for your home. Mantels are available in five styles, and ten types of wood (five full inventory and five limited availability), so the variations are too numerous to list here! Click the button below to visit the Log Style Mantels website and check out their inventory and photo gallery.

Pearl Mantels: Newport

Pearl Mantels MDF surround, Newport.

Each Pearl surround or shelf mantel is marked with a small pearl inlay, their certificate of authenticity.

Stoll Full Mantel Surround

Traditional Steel Mantel with optional Hearth Box

Stoll Shelf Mantel

Steel shelf mantel with Blacksmith decorative banding

Dracme Stone: Louis XV

Louis XV Stone Mantel

Dracme Stone: New Yorker

New Yorker Stone Mantel

Premier: Cascade


Cascade shelf mantel in Poplar with Cocoa finish

Premier: Delano


Delano shelf mantel in Cherry with Cherry finish

Pearl Mantels: Abingdon

Abingdon shelf mantel. Shown in Medium Oak with Distressed finish. Available with or without corbels. This is one of several products from Pearl Mantels to include a drawer!

Pearl Mantels: Cedar Shelf

Cedar shelf mantel with corbels