Service Pricing

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Chimney Sweeping & Wood Service

  • Chimney sweep with level I (visual) inspection – $239 for the first flue, $149 per additional flue. Please note that level I inspections are available only to previous Wooden Sun customers.
  • Chimney sweep with level II (video) inspection – $309 for the first flue, $209 per additional flue. Please note that, in accordance with CSIA standards, Wooden Sun is now requiring a level II (video) inspection for all new customers.
  • Chimney video inspection only (no sweep included, can only be done on recently cleaned flues or ones that have not been used) – $239 for first flue, $169 per additional flue.
  • Insurance/real estate inspection & sweep with video scan:  level II (video) inspection includes written report for insurance verification and real estate transactions, explaining what is wrong with your unit, including photos as needed and a ball park estimate for repairs if any are required – $399 for the first flue, $299 per each additional flue. Level I (visual) inspections are not available for insurance or real estate inspections.
  • Surcharge for rotary sweep/other unusual sweep (cost is in addition to regular sweeping charge) – $169/hr, billed in ¼ hr increments (beginning after the 1st hour, which is included in the cost of the regular sweep)
  • Wood service – $165 for the 1st 30 minutes, $165/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments

Gas Maintenance & Service

  • Routine gas maintenance for existing customers – $169 for the 1st unit, $149 per each additional unit
  • Routine gas maintenance for new customers – $165 for the first 45 minutes, then $165 per hour billed in quarter hour increments. A first-time maintenance call on a unit we haven’t seen before can take 1 to 2 hours or more depending on how well the appliance has been maintained and whether we find problems that are not apparent to the customer.
  • Gas service call – $165 for the 1st 30 minutes, $165/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments

Other Services

  • Assessment – $95 for one of our certified technicians to perform an on-site assessment and work up a detailed estimate
  • Grill service – $159 for the 1st 30 minutes, $139/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments. Please note that we can only schedule service for grills from brands we carry.
  • Masonry service – $169 for the 1st 30 minutes, $169/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments
  • Custom masonry work – $169/hr, billed in ¼ hr increments
  • Awning/shade or other outdoor service – $159 for the 1st 30 minutes, $139/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments
  • Delivery – $149 for the 1st 30 minutes, $149/hr thereafter, billed in ¼ hr increments
  • Disposal fees – $50 – does not include standard trip charge.

Saturday Surcharge

  • We often offer Saturday service one Saturday each month during the busy season, for an additional $50 fee. This date is TBD each month, based on the technicians’ availability. If you would like a Saturday appointment, please let the scheduler know. We cannot guarantee Saturday service, but will offer it based on customer interest and technician availability.

Safety Fee

  • Sometimes, our technicians encounter a roof that’s too steep, too high, or otherwise too dangerous for them to be on it without safety equipment. This can range anywhere from an extra ladder or two (and the time required to set them up safely) all the way to scaffolding or a boom lift for particularly tall or treacherous roofs. The safety fee is determined by the techs at the time of service, but is a minimum $50 surcharge. This fee is one of the reasons we ask for roof pitch and the number of stories in your home on our service request form;  knowing as much as possible about your home helps us to let you know in advance if we feel a safety fee is likely to be needed, or if we’ll need additional safety equipment.

Trip Charge

  • For locations more than 20 miles from our showroom, we do apply a nominal trip charge to cover vehicle expenses and travel time. That trip charge is $4/mile for addresses 20-30 miles away from our showroom, and $6/mile for addresses more than 30 miles away. For example, a job 24 miles from Charlottesville would incur a $16 trip charge, while one 34 miles away would incur an $84 charge.

Off-Season Rates

  • In order to encourage our customers to schedule their routine winter maintenance during our slower summer months (April 1st – August 31st), we offer an off-season discount on chimney sweeping and gas maintenance. This discount does not apply to assessments, awning service, grill service, insurance/real estate inspections/reports, masonry work, chimney relining, or installations.

No-Show Fee

  • IMPORTANT: Please give us a call at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep your appointment. We do charge a $50 fee to help cover our employees’ time and vehicle expenses if we don’t hear from you by then.

A Note About Our Pricing

Wooden Sun is a small, local business. We have put our heart and soul into creating a beautiful showroom displaying as many of our products as we can. We warrant our installation labor for as long as you own the product, and follow industry best practices established by the National Fire Prevention Association, rather than minimal standards required by building code. We believe in superior customer service provided by employees who receive continuous training on industry best practices. We believe in living wages, and providing our employees with health, retirement, and vacation benefits. All of these are reflected in our pricing.