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Inspections & Insurance

  • I don’t need a sweep, just an inspection. How much do you charge for that?

    For an inspection, the chimney needs to be very clean in order to see if there are cracks or damage. If your chimney is clean enough, we can do an inspection without sweeping it. In most cases we bill inspections as regular service calls. Please see our pricing page for our rates for service calls.

  • What kind of inspections do you offer?

    We offer two inspection types for insurance reports: Level 2 and Level 3.

    1. A level 2 inspection is a video inspection, where we send a special camera down your chimney to take images of the inside.
    2. A level 3 inspection involves taking apart the chimney to look at the inside. This work is done on an hourly basis.

    If you are not sure what kind of inspection you need, please call us at 434-760-8659 and we can help you figure it out. Please see our pricing page for our rates for different inspection levels.

  • Do you provide real estate and insurance reports?

    Yes, we can provide a written report for your insurance or real estate company. These reports offer even more detail than our standard written homeowner reports, as well as photos of the appliance and venting system. This  inspection takes more time, and requires a different approach to note-taking. We ask, therefore, that you let us know ahead of time if our service report is intended for an insurance or real estate company. Please see our pricing page for our rates for this service.