The Benefits of Solar Shades

Eclipse Interior Shade
Interior solar shade by Eclipse

It’s true that an awning keeps your house cool and lowers your heating bills, but maybe you don’t want to shade your yard or garden.  Or perhaps you enjoy the look of your interior blinds or curtains, but want to be able to open your windows without the wind blowing your window treatments around.  Available in a variety of fabrics, solar shades, which lie flush against your window frame, can provide excellent sun protection, and are heavier and more durable than most interior shades.  Fine mesh shades, in UV-resistant material, block the majority of the sun’s heat without impairing your view of the outdoors, while heavier fabrics give you privacy at the touch of a button. They can be either motorized or not.

Eclipse Exterior Shade
Exterior Shade by Eclipse

If you’re looking to prevent as much solar heat as possible from entering your home (without investing in blackout curtains), an exterior solar shade may be the most effective option for you.  Since these shades are mounted on the outside of your home, the sunlight never has a chance to reach your windows and heat the glass; interior window treatments prevent the sun’s radiant heat from entering your home, but a small amount of convection heat will still be transmitted from the warmed glass.

Zippered exterior shade
E-Zip Exterior Shade

Like the drop screens which are often attached to awnings, exterior solar screens can also be used as an effective barrier against both insect life and low-angled sun.  These zippered screens can be motorized, just like their awning and canopy counterparts, and can be raised or lowered with a wall switch or remote control.  Transform your open porch into a screened veranda within seconds!