Awning, Shade, & Canopy Styles

We’ve previously discussed several reasons why awnings are a good choice for your home, and how best to take care of them, but when it comes to the products themselves, the options can be a bit overwhelming. In this post, we’d like to offer a brief overview of different types of awnings, canopies, and shades available, to help you figure out which might best suit your needs.


Wall-mounted retractable awning

Our most popular shade product is the retractable awning which we offer from Eclipse and Aristocrat These awnings can be motorized or manually controlled, and are available in custom sizes to fit your space. Both Eclipse and Aristocrat use fade-resistant, marine-grade fabrics. While Aristocrat makes their awnings and canopies with a variety of fabric brands, including Sunbrella, Eclipse uses Sunbrella fabric exclusively for all of its awnings. Sunbrella has received the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Approval, documenting that it “sufficiently and safely aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin” (read more about Sunbrella’s safety certifications and sustainability initiatives).

This house has an eclectic mix of window awnings.

As well as the traditional retractable awning, both Eclipse and Aristocrat offer smaller window awnings, which can cover a smaller area than their regular awnings. Eclipse’s Drop Arm Window & Porch Awning opens in an arc that stops at any angle from entirely retracted to almost entirely flat against your window or porch railing to give you maximum coverage. Aristocrat offers both fixed and retractable window awnings, in multiple shapes and styles, including fixed-frame aluminum awnings.

Shades & Screens

Please check out our post on solar shades and screens, for custom window products that keep your house cool and shaded, without  having to install a full awning or canopy.

Canopies & Outdoor Rooms

Eclipse SunRoof Plus
Eclipse Pergotenda

For those who are looking for a shade system that functions as an outdoor room, rather than just a shade, a retractable roof system or freestanding canopy is an excellent option. The Eclipse SunRoof Plus is a roof- or pergola-mounted retractable sunroof, while the Pergotenda system is a custom-made outdoor structure offering full protection from both wind and rain, with optional side curtains to create a fully-automated, retractable screen porch.

Aristocrat Retractable Canopy

Aristocrat’s freestanding and pergola canopies offer you the flexibility of a wall-mounted system extending from your home, or a freestanding canopy in your yard or next to a pool. In addition to Aristocrat’s usual range of durable, fade-resistant fabric, the canopy comes with an optional water-resistant second layer, to help you keep your outdoor space usable, even in a light rain (note: not suitable for snow loads, and Aristocrat recommends always keeping the canopy closed during high winds). Aristocrat canopies have a sturdy aluminum frame, with or without additional pergola rafters, or you can order a system designed to mount underneath your existing wooden pergola or arbor. As with the awnings and roof systems, Aristocrat canopies can be installed with optional side curtains to provide additional privacy, or protection from late-afternoon sun.

Wooden Sun has shade products to suit a wide range of needs, styles, and budgets. Call our showroom at (434) 760-8659, or submit a contact form, to speak to one of our experienced sales associates and learn more about which of our custom shading solutions is best for you. Don’t forget to ask about our summer sale on Aristocrat products, 10% off through July 4th!