Zone Heat Your Home to Save Fuel and $!

Running your central heating all winter can get expensive, as well as putting a great deal of pressure on your heat pump. Why waste money heating unoccupied space? Zone heating is the practice of using a heating appliance to heat only a few rooms at a time while keeping the rest of your house fairly chilly, letting you focus all of your heating money and energy on the parts of your home you’re actually using. Central furnaces can be very inefficient, and constant use can overtax even the best heat pump (the worst heat pump, on the other hand, is likely to start making terrible noises, and eventually just refuse to keep your house as warm as you’d like it).

G3 gas insert zone heating
The G3 gas insert, from Valor Fireplaces.

Prefer your living room kept at a toasty 75 degrees, but don’t want to break the bank? Using a stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert to zone heat just part of your home can save 20-40% on your heating bills*, as well as providing a cozy ambiance for the space you choose to heat. Put an efficient wood stove or gas fireplace insert in your living room, turn down your thermostat, and give your central heat a bit of a break!

*ACEE 1990 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Proceedings. Vol. 9