Shade Solutions: Outdoor Rooms

As part of our overview of various shade products, we briefly mentioned outdoor rooms, and the retractable shading options available to create them. These semi-permanent outdoor rooms are, however, a relatively new trend in the American market, so let’s take a more in-depth look at these shading solutions, ranked from least to most complex.

The first solution is the Aristocrat retractable canopy. This structure is designed to be either free-standing, or mounted to the side of your house or under an existing pergola. The marine-grade fabric is resistant to sun and rain damage, and an additional water-resistant membrane can be added for further protection. Solid or mesh side curtains can be added for privacy, or to block late-afternoon sun. While the canopy can be motorized, manual pull-cord operation is standard

The Eclipse SunRoof Plus is a motorized roof system with two available designs: the patio mount attaches to your wall, while the pergola mount goes on top of an existing roof or pergola structure. While curtains can’t be attached to the sides of the structure due to the pitch of the frame, a drop shade can be added to the front for additional protection from the late-afternoon sun. The SunRoof Plus also comes with optional lighting packages, to help you enjoy those late summer evenings.

The Eclipse Pergotenda is a custom-built permanent structure with a motorized retractable awning roof. The frame is a sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum, with a modular design that allows widths up to 42’ and projections up to 21’. It can be mounted to the side of your house to create a screen porch (with use of the E-Zip side retention solar and insect screens), or installed as a free-standing structure. Additional options include: front and side gutters, gable end enclosures, and LED lighting kits. Since the Pergotenda is the most elaborate, and most customized, of all three outdoor room choices, it’s naturally going to be the most costly of the three. However, if you’re looking for a true 3-season outdoor room, with fully-retractable walls and roof, the Pergotenda is going to be your best option.

We hope that this overview has given you an idea of what choices are available to you for your outdoor room project, and given you an idea of factors to consider when designing your patio renovation, new restaurant seating area, or other building project.