Social Grilling: The Great Backyard Equalizer

What if your next backyard BBQ gave everyone a chance to socialize and cook their own food, rather than having a single grillmaster off to one side, unable to mingle with the rest of the guests? What if your grill could easily double as a firepit, for a seamless transition between sausages and S’mores?

Social grilling is the hot new outdoor trend, bringing people together around a cooker that functions as a grill, firepit, and table all in one. Wooden Sun is pleased to join this social grilling revolution with the Ofyr grill, a gorgeous, versatile, and unique cooker.

The Ofyr’s wide carbon steel plate lets you easily grill everything from burgers to vegetables to filet mignon. Optional accessories include grills and skewers that fit the open center of the Ofyr for direct cooking over the flames.

With 360 degrees access for multiple cooks around the grill, the Ofyr lets each guest choose how well-done they want their steak or burger, and makes it easy for everyone to socialize while the food cooks.

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting and enjoying an evening around the firepit after dinner? With the Ofyr, there’s no need for a separate firepit setup! Simply scrape the cooking plate clean (the work of a few seconds), pull up some chairs, and enjoy a glass of wine and/or some toasted marshmallows around the already-established wood fire.

Optional wood storage cabinets double as benches or table tops counters to create a convenient, modular outdoor kitchen/patio space that lets you and your guests move easily from dinner, to dessert, to post-dinner drinks and socializing.

When you’re done with your grill/firepit, the Ofyr metal cover lets you snuff the fire and keep the interior free from rain and debris.

We recently installed an Ofyr grill in our outdoor kitchen area here at Wooden Sun, so come check it out, and see if social grilling might just be what your outdoor party needs!