Link Roundup: Types of Repair Work

At Wooden Sun, we offer a wide variety of hearth, chimney, and patio repair services. Here’s a brief, centralized overview of the services we offer, and the appliances we can repair:

Chimney Repair

This is a broad category, and covers everything from repairing and weatherproofing your chimney crown, to installing single- or multi-flue/full-coverage caps, to repairing and waterproofing the masonry of the body of your chimney.

Flue Repair/Relining

Our post on HeatShield flue repair goes into more detail on the dangers posed by cracked terra cotta flues, and the ways Wooden Sun can repair them. Additionally, if your flue is too large for your wood stove or insert, we can reline your flue with a flexible stainless steel liner for improved safety, performance, and longevity.

Firebox/Masonry Repair

Whether you’ve got cracks in your firebox walls, deteriorating mortar on your hearth or chimney, or inadequate heat protection under the hearth itself, Wooden Sun’s technicians can repoint/replace your brickwork to get your fireplace back to full operation.

Wood-burning Appliance Repair

During the course of a regular chimney cleaning and inspection, we can often diagnose and correct problems with your wood stove, insert, or factory-built fireplace. You can also schedule a service call specifically to address those problems. Parts may or may not be available for older appliances, but our technicians can give you a rundown of the source of your appliance’s woes, and your options for repair.

Gas-burning Appliance Repair

Whether you have freestanding gas logs, a gas fireplace or insert, or a freestanding gas stove (decorative/heating, not cooking), Wooden Sun’s trained gas service technicians can clean, inspect, and troubleshoot it! Our service technician will be able to let you know what the problem is, and what your options are for resolving it. (see our gas appliance repair post for more details)

Outdoor Appliance Repair

Wooden Sun offers both grill and awning service! For grills, we recommend annual service visits, to make sure your grill is in good condition, and to perform preventive maintenance. For awnings, most of the ongoing maintenance is fairly easy to do yourself, and professional service will only be required for specific repairs or upgrades.

Reminder: sometimes, your gas- or wood-burning appliance may be malfunctioning or just need a little TLC. Run through the troubleshooting checklists above, but always feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you might have.