Outdoor Accessories

BBQ Dragon Automatic Bellows

BBQ Dragon Automatic Bellows The BBQ Dragon is a fire-starting tool that starts charcoal faster than a chimney without using lighter fluid, controls the heat of grills and smokers, revives smouldering fires, and heats ceramic cookers to pizza-cooking temps in just minutes. It works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at fires, providing them with more oxygen so they burn hotter and faster. It’s cordless, hands-free, and portable so you can use it tailgating and camping, or at the beach. It works for grills, smokers, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, and more.

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Orion Coolers

Orion Coolers Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or just enjoying a day at the park (with, say, your Kamado Joe Jr. Smoker), the Orion Cooler has you covered! In sizes from 25- to 85-qt, the Orion’s impressive features include:
• 35% more insulation than comparable coolers, holds ice longer (check out Orion’s field notes page for user experiences)
• Standing Pad
• 6 Tie Down Points
• 4 Aluminum Bottle Opener Corners
• Lockable/Certified Bear Resistant (seriously, this cooler doubles as a Bear Box on camping trips!)
• Low Profile Camming Latches
• Motorcycle Grip Carry Handles
• Camo Colors (6 standard colors, plus the Home Team custom series)
• Rugged Rotomolded Shell
Made in the USA
• Smart, Real-World Sizing (25- to 85-qt)
Drain Plug
• YakAttack Tracks / RAM Integration for easy
Highly Functional Tray System
• Sectional Divider/Cutting Board (optional)

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Wetterlings Axes

Wetterlings Axes Pictured is an outdoor axe from Swedish axe manufacturer Wetterlings. Wetterlings has been crafting high-quality axes since the 1880s. All axes are hand-forged from Swedish carbon-alloyed steel, with handles of solid American hickory, and come with a vegetable-tanned leather sheath. Check out their website -- they have a wide variety of high-quality axes available, from hatchets to mauls and splitting wedges. (www.wetterlings.com/)

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