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Fireplace & Chimney Service

What Wooden Sun Can Do for You

The National Fireplace Institute recommends annual inspection of chimneys and flues. Sometimes annual sweeping is necessary; sometimes it is not. We can work with you to establish a schedule that works for you and ensures the safety of your hearth system. We can do level 1, 2, or 3 inspections, and have the most sophisticated color video scanning equipment to ensure the highest quality images of your chimney flue.

Whether it is wood or gas, the appliance or the chimney, metal, cast iron, or masonry, Wooden Sun can service any aspect of your hearth and chimney. One thing that separates us from our competition is that our hearth specialists understand your house as a system and how various appliances interact within that system. Our goal is to improve your home’s comfort, efficiency, look, and safety.

For detailed information on Wooden Sun’s service policies, procedures and standards, see our Frequently Asked Questions pages on Chimney Sweeping, Chimney Re-lining, and Gas Service.

The best way to schedule service is with our on-line service form. If you have some questions not addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions pages, and would like a call back, indicate so in the form and someone will call you back as soon as possible, usually within one business day.

Some of our services include:

  • Installations of gas and wood burning stoves, inserts, and fireplaces
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Masonry repointing and repair
  • Chimney rebuilding
  • Flue relining
  • Fireplace replacement
  • Inspections
  • Insurance reports
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