Hearth Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Hearth Cleaning & Maintenance Products • Hearth & Glass Crème – ammonia-based cleansers can react with the heat from your fire to damage the glass of your wood stove or fireplace doors. Using a product specifically designed for stove glass helps keep your hearth appliances looking and functioning at their best.
• Stove black – designed for non-enameled cast iron, Stove Black will keep your stove looking like new.
• Stove paint – designed for steel stoves, and available in a wide variety of colors, this stove paint will stand up to the heat produced by your wood stove, and cover up the signs of natural wear and tear. Wooden Sun also carries high-temperature paint specifically designed for stovepipe, gas venting, and gas grills.
• Shown here: The Atmosfire dry wipe pad lets you clean the glass on your stove or fireplace without water! With a (slightly) abrasive side to cut through soot, and a soft side to buff off residue, this pad is gentle enough to protect your glass, but serious enough to remove soot and ash from your viewing window.

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