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Patio Kitchens & Fire Pits

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fire pit or installing a stone patio with an outdoor kitchen, the Wooden Sun sales and technician team can help make your vision a reality.

Our Brands:

Stoll Industries

HPC Fire Pits


Outdoor Greatroom

Goldens Cast Iron

Fontana Forni Wood Pizza Oven

Below are just a few of the outdoor products we offer. Go to each manufacturer’s website to discover additional offerings.

Ofyr Firebowl/Grill

• Cone-shaped corten bowl that radiates warmth
• 3.3 ft H x 3.2 ft W x 3.2 ft D
• Wide, flat rim that doubles as a high-efficiency hotplate
• Supports a variety of cooking styles: grilling, flambéing, steaming, baking and even stewing

Fontana Forni Mangiafuoco

The Mangiafuoco was designed from the ground up to cook perfect, Italian-style pizza. Its larger dimensions give you added capacity to prepare meals for extended families and larger events. And because it bears the Fontana name, you can feel confident that the Mangiafuoco will be easy to set up, easy to maintain and will perform flawlessly for years.

Mangiafuoco can now be purchased with the standard stones or with the Saputo Biscotto stone upgrade for cooking authentic Neapolitan pizza.

• Fuel Type: Wood
• External Dimensions: 34″D, 39″W, 77″H
• Internal Dimensions: 24″D, 32″W, 14″H
• Cooking Surface:  24″D, 24″W, 14″H
• Weight: 298 lbs. w/ cart | 246 lbs. countertop

Bromic Heating Tungsten Electric

• Available in 2000W, 3000W, 4000W and 6000W models
• Frosted infrared tube heating elements emit warm amber glow – No harsh glare.
• High temperature corrosion-resistant coating.
• Tamper-proof electrical wiring enclosure
• Wall & ceiling mounting options allow for adjustable angle of the heating direction.
• Heaters are equipped with a spectral reflector for excellent radiant heat output and are weatherproof.
• Available in 4 models of varying heating power and compatible with smart control systems to enable precise dimming control.

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