General Information

General FAQs

How long has your shop been around?

We’ve been open in our current location in the IX Building since September 2010. Prior to opening the shop, for more than 30 years, we were in the business of service and installations. Learn more about when and how Wooden Sun came to be.

Where is your shop located?

Wooden Sun is two blocks south of the Downtown Mall, in the IX factory complex, between Blue Wheel Bikes and Alhaamra Restaurant. Click here for directions.

Do you have burning displays in your shop?

Yes. If there is a particular stove or fireplace that you would like to see burn, please feel free to call ahead and we’ll have it lit when you get here. Our current burning displays are:

Pacific Energy Trenton gas stove
Regency HZ42ST see-through gas fireplace
Valor H5 gas fireplace
Renaissance Rumford wood-burning fireplace
RSF Focus 320 wood-burning fireplace
Valor Ventana gas fireplace
Valor Portrait Windsor Arch gas fireplace
Valor H4 gas fireplace
Valor G4 gas insert with ceramic burner
Vermont Castings Defiant woodstove
Pacific Energy Vista Classic woodstove
Pacific Energy Summit woodstove
Blaze King Princess woodstove
Alberene Soapstone compact masonry heater
Supreme Opus High Efficiency see thru fireplace

Do you sell used woodstoves?

No, for the most part we do not offer used woodstoves. We find that only rarely do people get rid of a fully-functional woodstove. More commonly, there are issues that would require expensive repairs, and we don’t find that it is cost effective to refurbish them. Moreover, most of the stoves we replace are older, pre-EPA and therefore not clean burning or efficient. So for environmental, practical and business reasons we do not sell used wood stoves.

Occasionally we will swap out one of our burned displays for another model, in which case we would offer the old display at a discount. To find out if we have any discounted display models available, please call us at 434-760-8659.

Do you buy used woodstoves?

No, but we offer to relocate the stove on your property, or to take it to a scrap yard for no additional charge when your purchase a new stove and installation.

Do you stock parts for wood stoves at your shop?

We do stock a selection of commonly used black single-wall and double-wall stovepipe, and “Class A” high temperature chimney by Olympia Chimney Supply (Ventis), as well as gasketing, cleaners, adhesives, and stove pipe paint. What we don’t stock we can usually get from our distributors in a few days. If you call ahead we can let you know if the part you need is something we have here, or if we’ll need to order it. We do require advance payment for items we don’t stock.

I know what stove or fireplace I want, and I plan on installing it myself. Can I just come and pick it up?

We do not keep very many units in our warehouse, but in the event that the one you want is one we already have, you’re welcome to pick it up when you come in. If we need to order it, most stoves or fireplaces will be shipped to us within a few days, and you can pick it up once we receive it. We ask that you call ahead if you’re coming to pick up a stove or fireplace, so we can be sure to have the manpower and machinery available to get it into your vehicle.

My contractor or architect recommends a particular fireplace or stove, but I am not sure it’s the best one for my needs. Do you work with contractors? Can you suggest an alternative model?

We work with contractors, architects, and their clients regularly. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and make a suggestion, and we can work with your contractor to get it designed and installed in the most efficient and best way for everyone.