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What types of chimney relining do you offer?

We install stainless steel liners in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, suitable for woodstoves, woodburning inserts, gas inserts, and gas stoves. We do not install poured chimney liners, flue liner composed of high-temperature concrete poured in place inside a masonry flue. If a poured liner is the best solution for your needs, we can refer you to a reputable company that does those.

Wooden Sun is also a certified dealer and installer of the HeatShield system for flue repair and resurfacing, which repairs cracks, spalling, or missing mortar joints without the need for a stainless steel liner. Terra Cotta flue tiles often become cracked over time, as a result of chimney fires, earthquakes/lightning strikes, or simply natural wear and tear occurring over time. These cracks can be dangerous, as they allow heat and fumes to escape into the brick of your chimney, and from there into your house (per CSIA and NFPA standards).

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