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My old fireplace logs are ugly, but the burner is fine. Can I get a new log set but keep the old burner?

That will depend on what kind of logs you have. Vent-free logs cannot be replaced except with the identical logs from the manufacturer — they come from the manufacturer with a specific log set and must be used with that set only. If the existing set is damaged, it may be possible to order a replacement set, but Wooden Sun will not install them for you. Why we don’t work on vent free units.

Vented gas logs may be able to be replaced, depending on the brand and type. If you know the brand and model, give us a call or send us an email, and we should be able to tell you if we can get another type of logs for your set. (see question “How do I determine what brand of fireplace or log set I have?” further up this page)

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