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Direct Vent Appliances

A Direct Vent Appliance is a completely sealed propane or natural gas burning heating or decorative appliance, with a glass front. Combustion air comes from the outside of your house, and the flue gases vent to the exterior of your house through a separate pipe. These differ from freestanding Gas Logs, which sit in your open fireplace without a sealed glass front, and get their combustion air from your home, just as a regular wood fire does. Direct Vent appliances can be divided into:

  • Zero-Clearance Fireplace

Built into the framing of your wall, gas fireplaces don’t always have to have a chimney running above the roofline, as a wood fireplace requires. Each gas fireplace has its own venting requirements, but many of them can vent either directly to the rear, or up a foot or two and then out the back wall (provided, of course, that the wall is an exterior one).

  • The Regency H15 can be vented straight back through an outside wall.

    Gas Stove

Most freestanding gas stoves are designed to look like wood stoves, but some are more contemporary in appearance, with glass or rock firebeds instead of ceramic logs. Gas stoves and fireplaces both use the coaxial venting system, which has a smaller pipe inside a larger one to separate combustion and exhaust air (see diagram above).

  • Gas Fireplace Insert

Like a wood insert, a gas insert is specifically designed to slide into your existing masonry or factory-built fireplace. Since the venting has to run inside your existing chimney, gas inserts use a colinear venting system, which separates the air streams with two 3” or 4” flexible metal tubes.

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