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Blog Overview/Index

Welcome! To make searching this blog easier, we’ve divided it into categories. Whether you’re trying to plan your hearth project, learn more about the types of maintenance work your appliance needs, or do some basic troubleshooting, click the topic below to read our posts on the subject:

Project Planning – Information and advice, from choosing a wood stove to planning your awning or patio project

Environmental & Energy Concerns – What do efficiency ratings mean? How does an awning help with energy bills? Why is wood heat so eco-friendly?

Chimneys – Information about maintaining the interior and exterior of your chimney

Repair and Maintenance – Information about what maintenance work your appliances need, and what services Wooden Sun provides

Safety – How to avoid structural fires, grill fires, and other home heating hazards

Wood – From the fundamentals of wood heat, to how to choose the right appliance for your project

Gas – As above, but for gas heating appliances

Outdoor, Patio, & Awning – Everything from interior solar shades to grills and barbecues.

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